Demo Day 2020 Contestants

1. Fullfilm

Do you know that the film industry runs mostly on short-term freelancers? Our power sisters Vilma and Anna have combined their interest in design, business and sustainability to create Fullfilm – a platform connecting film-, tv- and advertising production with freelancers. Inspired by their mom, who is a veteran film producer struggling with finding and scheduling freelancers for production, they brought the issue to Hatch and turned it into a solution-oriented business idea.

Vilma Juusonen & Anna Juusonen
fullfilmrekry@gmail.com / https://instagram.com/fullfilmrekry

2. everBox

Bummed out by the amount of single-use packaging used in the takeaway and food delivery industry, Theresa came up with a reusable food container revolution and brought it to Hatch. Notably, the everBox is no ordinary reusable box, it’s a lifestyle! The business idea consists not only of the box itself but a whole complementary system with it. Theresa also let us know that the reason she chose Finland as her destination for exchange is because of the country’s reputation for advanced approaches in sustainability and the startup scene.

Theresa Eglin


David, an exchange student from Spain and a self-development enthusiast, is bringing to this year’s Hatch A LA CAPOCCIONE – a skincare brand and a new movement for self-care. A LA CAPOCCIONE is an innovative, democratizing and nonconformist brand, that aims to change the game of self-care through offering real clinically effective products. Inspired by his childhood and teenage years, David believes that we all should explore our inner boundaries and curiosities, and this business idea is his way of spreading the message. 

David Cabezon Egurrola
cabezondavid1@gmail.com / https://instagram.com/itsm.jacksontariku

4. Still

What are these three guys from the UK, the USA and Finland bringing to Hatch 2020? Alex, Pauli and Liam, during a social drinking session, realized that they had become fed up with the carbonated beverages on offer and felt like a change was needed. So the idea of Still – a noncarbonated alcoholic beverage, with similar strength to beer, was born. The concept of the drink is to produce a drink that is carbonation free and easy to drink, simple yet very pioneering. We’re excited to see how they are doing with their idea this Friday!

Pauli Saarinen, Alex Endersen & Liam Brennan-Masters
https://linkedin.com/in/pauli-saarinen / https://linkedin.com/in/liam-brennan-masters / endersenalex@gmail.com

5. Ethical Space

Mariam is aspired to become an entrepreneur by the possibility to initiate something that can be of help in many ways to many people. And Ethical Space – an online platform directly connecting sustainable design brands and designers with the consumers – is the idea that she has been working on in Hatch this year. Mariam is passionate about interior design and her inspiration for the idea came when she realized that sustainable is not as easily accessible as the non sustainable interior design market.

Mariam Abdunur


6. StudyPlus

What did you learn during the Covid-19 school lockdown? Thomas, after struggling with constant deadlines and irregular class operation due to the pandemic, proposed to Hatch the idea of a study planner app – StudyPlus. He promised this to be the TripIt of learning apps! Through StudyPlus, students get automated reminders when an assignment is due and when an exam is coming up. The app will not only be available for students, but also teachers and lecturers. Isn’t it great to have things in control and never miss another deadline?

Thomas Slatlem
slatlem1992@hotmail.com / https://linkedin.com/in/thomas-slatlem-46a7041b9 

7. Kappu

Do you know that Finland is the biggest consumer of coffee in the world per-person? Katariina as a coffee enthusiast and a business student with her background in art, has combined all her strengths into Kappu – coloured speciality coffee served in Katariina’s handmade pottery. She wants to bring a more fun, colorful and exciting way of enjoying and experiencing coffee culture. What’s more, this coffee is coloured using only natural ingredients and her idea is currently having the advantage of being the first in Helsinki!

Katariina Kekoni
katariina.kekoni@gmail.com / https://linkedin.com/in/katariina-kekoni-59324b198 / https://instagram.com/kappu_coffee

8. The Street Rangers

Being born in a world where sustainability is becoming a must, Malu ad Brian from the Netherlands decided to do something about littering problems and got the idea to form a community- The Street Rangers. What’s so special? This community is designated for children from age 6 to 13! The Street Rangers are subscribed to the program by their parents, help clean up their neighbourhood and learn about sustainability through fun activities. Malu and Brian strongly believe in educating the future generations for the better cause.

Brian Geilings & Malu Gonçalves
brian.geilings@ziggo.nl / https://linkedin.com/in/brian-geilings-2bb084120
malucg4@hotmail.com / https://linkedin.com/in/malu-gon%C3%A7alves-a31b04172

9. Deed

Much as being a place to rest, home sometimes is also a cause for stress. As a construction and real estate management student, Sunhee realizes the problem of lacking trust, guarantee and certainty while buying a real estate. And that’s her inspiration for Deed – a real estate management app where you can simply log in your house information and let the app take care of the rest, like reminders for preventive maintenance and suggestions for the suitable contractors and so on!

SunHee Kim

10. Top Notch

Inspired by human interaction and acknowledging it as the core of humanity, Tarek and Amr created Top Notch- a professional service specializing in human interaction to develop new methods and techniques for better communications and an educational outcome. Human’s sensations are the core of their service. Amr and Tarek strongly believe that while their company might not change the world, it will for sure make a dent in the universe. And they will do that by creating emotional experiences for people to remember it forever.

Tarek Abdrabo & Amr Aboulwafa
ahmed.t.fahmy@gmail.com / a.a.awaffa@gmail.com

11. Sprucester

Janni and Anu, frustrated by the outrageous amount of food waste, have come up with Srucester – a restaurant focusing on zero waste. Moreover, the restaurant concept is promising to change the way customers communicate with the producers. Nowadays when sustainability and eco-friendliness is needed more than ever, it’s important to question whether or not most of the imported produce we are using daily is necessary. Let’s see how Janni and Anu bring Sprucester to us on Demo Day!

Janni Hakkarainen & Anu Hakala
ravintolasprucester@gmail.com / https://linkedin.com/in/janni-hakkarainen-974bb7193 / https://linkedin.com/in/anu-hakala-7b899b16a

12. Hyvinpitely

Have you ever wished that your business will someday be unnecessary in people’s lives? Cuz Ellimari does! Realizing the lack of private sector services for violence prevention, she created Hyvinpitely – a service for anyone who has encountered interpersonal violence in their family or intimate relationships. Hyvinpitely offers high quality, professional psychosocial support and therapy services with absolute confidentiality, also with remote connection where needed.

Ellimari Kortman
www.hyvinpitely.fi / yhteys@hyvinpitely.fi / p. 0102120710
FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok: @hyvinpitely