The business pre-incubator program for ambitious students.


Do you have a business idea you want to develop?

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or business professional to apply, all you need is an idea!

In just 8 weeks we will guide you and your business idea trough topics such as idea validation, pitching, basics of starting a business, business model canvas, marketing, communication and many more valuable topics. With the help of our experienced mentors and coaches, we’ll prepare you to hatch your business whenever you feel ready for it in the future. In addition, you can also win a grant to get you started with your entrepreneurial career!

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Our next application opens on August 1st, 2021!

What is Hatch?

Hatch Incubator is an Helsinki-based early-stage business incubator program for students of the 3AMK universities; Laurea, Haaga-Helia and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Participants will earn 5 ECTS study credits from their own university upon successfully finishing the program. 

During this 8-week program we help you discover your full potential as an entrepreneur and pave the way for your future plans by teaching you the most crucial parts of founding a business. The program consists of professional guidance and workshops with our experienced mentors, lectures in many different fields, plenty of pitching and presentation training, excursions, networking opportunities in the midst of the Finnish startup scene and much more!

The program culminates in the final pitching competition Hatch Demo Day on December 4th, where the winner and runner-up of Hatch Incubator will take home prizes which will either help kick-start their businesses or can be used to further develop their professional skills. The prizes are services that the winners get to choose from a selection of alternatives, 1st prize is worth 1500€ and 2nd prize is worth 500€.

You don’t need a business background or previous experience in entrepreneurship to apply, all you need is an idea you want to work on and an open mind! Participants are expected to apply with one specific business idea they want to develop and focus on during the eight weeks, or a problem with business potential they’ve been wanting to solve for a while. Don’t worry, you don’t have to found a business during or straight after Hatch, our simple goal is to offer you knowledge, tools and techniques that you can benefit from in the future. However, some of our past participants have found their future business partners during the program and even investors through the Demo Day at the end…

The program is completely free of charge and all students of Laurea, Metropolia and Haaga-Helia UAS are qualified to apply. An all-inclusive workshop weekend at a cottage, an excursion to Turku and light snacks and beverages during all workshops are also included in the free program. Please note that the workshops are located in the Helsinki area and transportation to or in Helsinki is not provided. 

8-week incubator program in Helsinki

Open for students of 3AMK

Completely free of charge

All the tools to develop your idea

Workshops with professionals

Unforgettable bootcamp weekend

Individual mentoring and sparring

Excursions and networking events

Meeting like-minded innovators

Pitching on stage for a live audience 

Possibility to win 1st prize worth 1500€

Possibility to win 2nd prize worth 500€

Fall 2020 – Program & Schedule


Hatch 2020 application is open from
August 10th until September 19th.

Application are accepted through application form only.


Selected applicants will be invited to personal or group interviews,
which take place from September 7th to 25th.

Selections will be announced by Tuesday September 22nd.



How to boost your own productivity? Tools for personal and professional wellbeing.

No event found!



Achieving your goals through
effective self-management.

No event found!



What is an MVP? Test before you invest! When, Why & How to pilot and pivot.

No event found!



When is the right time to start a business and what you should know before you do it.

No event found!



How to create an efficient business
strategy and avoid unnecessary risks?

No event found!



Effective stakeholder communication and pitching your idea to an audience.

No event found!



How to create a marketing plan? Basic marketing techniques to start with.

No event found!



The entrepreneurial mindset. Thoughts on innovation and thinking outside of the box.

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The winner of Hatch Incubator takes home a seed fund to help kick-start their business.

Dec 04 2020

Demo Day

3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
No event found!

Fall 2020 – Mentors

With the help of our experienced mentors and coaches you’ll be
ready to found your own business sooner than you’d imagine.

Jochen Faugel

Juha-Matti Santala

Tuukka Ylälahti

Wille Heino

Laurent Notin

Tajzan Sharif


Comments From Past Participants

Still considering whether or not to join the FREE program?

I learned that starting a business isn’t just throwing something at the world and hoping that it works. It requires patience, hard work and perseverance. 

Hatch was the best thing to happen to me businesswise. It’s where my journey as an entrepreneur begun.

Rasheed Ataruwa

Winner of Hatch 2018

During Hatch I was able to get out of my comfort zone! I’m really grateful of the journey and I took a huge step forward with myself.

Now I truly believe in my own skills and I’m able to stand up to get my voice heard.

Maria Kärkkäinen

Participant of Hatch 2018

Hatch provided us with amazing connections and helped us build enough confidence to pitch our business in front of a huge audience.

All the feedback and guidance we received throughout the journey was extremely helpful.

Sanni Ishfaq

Participant of Hatch 2019

Don’t wait to reach your full potential, 
we’ll help you reach your goals!


Our Team

We’re here to help you reach your full potential and make your Hatch journey unforgettable!

Adib Saifi

Program Lead 2020

Having had the great priviledge of stepping into the Program Lead’s role for Hatch 2020, Adib will be responsible of the program and its participants.

Lotta Ekblad

Program Mentor

As the past Program Lead of Hatch, Lotta is now working in a guiding and mentoring role for both the organising  team and the participants.

Suvi Lehtonen

Program Founder

After founding Hatch Incubator Program in 2017, Suvi has been helping the program organisers and mentoring the participants ever since.

Yara Khoshnaw

Team Member

Jay Desilva

Team Member

Mika Leminen

Team Member

Karl Sten Sunmola

Team Member


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